These anchor units are constructed of steel covered in a zinc coating for durability and anti-corrosion with our special pivot system, which has a hook side and a flat side.

Screwed or welded models gives you the flexibility to allow you to drive over them, walk on it, slide equipment over it, or even mow the grass without removing it. This, of course, depends on your individual installation and where you need to install it to secure your item.

These anchors have retaining strengths from 3800 to 15,000 pounds.

Weight 4 lbs, 4” high, 3-1/2” diameter.

Other sizes available. Can be custom manufactured to your specifications.

Use them for many commercial, industrial and residential uses, such as:

• Flat beds
• Trucks
• Trailers
• Docks
• Warehouse storage
• Outdoor storage
• Tests holds
• Crane holdings
• Aircraft anchors
• Animal retainers
• Motorcycles
• Bicycles
• Lawn equipment
• Snow blowers
• Household furniture against winds
• Mobile homes
• Greenhouses
• Children's outdoor game structures
• Boats docks
• Vehicle covers
• Fences
• Cables
• Tarps
• Swing sets
• Campers
• Job site equipment
• Truck bed anchors
• Anti theft hooks
• Tents
• Tarps
• Overhang hooks
• RV’s
and more...

Patent pending: US-2018-0298578-A1